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2024 Fall Projects-Coming soon! past projects on Instagram

Biannual Volunteer Day

Since October, 2023 (Every Spring and Fall), Love Milpitas Projects have been hosting for a day of community-wide volunteering, making a lasting impact together. We have been serving, painting and cleaning for the schools, libraries, emergency offices/containers and parks etc. in the Milpitas Community and the Milpitas Unified School District. Stay updated and view the past projects by following us on Instagram.

Our Mission

is to inspire our community to love each other through connecting, participating, giving, and serving.

Ongoing Opportunities

Get connected with organizations who need your help and continue making a difference in your community!


We are a movement of volunteers from faith communities, nonprofits(NGO) in partnership with New Vision ChurchMilpitas CaresLove Our Cities and all residents to address the needs of our city's  spiritual, practical, and relational challenges. Our hope is to love our neighbors by bringing people together and to serve for the good of our city we call home.  We were on Korean National News YTN. We were recognized by the MUSD Board of Education, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan and District Leadership for our volunteer work to support MUSD schools, educators and students. We also received the commendation by the Milpitas City Council and Mayor Carmen Montano for our volunteer work in the City of Milpitas.

450+ Volunteers
15+ Projects
2250+ Volunteer hours (=450 volunteers X 4 hours)
& Counting

*Our Staff:

CK- Team Lead and Communication Lead

Steve S.- Communication for Partners (Milpitas Cares and Love Our Cities reps.)

Grace S.- Communication for Project Advisers

Sean L.- Communication for Milpitas Unified School District and NVC Youth Volunteer Coordinator

Celine L. - Art Project Coordinator and Website Master

Joon P.- Gardening Project Coordinator

Eunice L.- MUSD Youth Volunteer Liaison and SNS(Instagram) Master

*Our Advisers:

Pastor Sungho K.-NVC Administration

Chang H.- NVC Budget, Payment and Facility

Eunmi C.-NVC Media

Danny K., Seill S., Tae Kim, Hannah S. and Young K.- Art

Haesu K.- Paint

Jong K.-Park Cleaning

Jennifer B.- MUSD teacher

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